Solutions and services

Piping engineering

Piping engineering, fabrication and construction services form a backbone of our business. We offer a complex service from sales through piping design and constructions to its after-sale maintenance, reconstruction and other relevant services. We sell carbon, stainless steel, plastic piping systems and covered accessories

Tanks, reservoirs and steel structures

Construction and reconstruction of tanks and reservoirs with a volume of 1-2000 m3 requires for its specificity separate production departments with experienced team of experts with many years of knowledge in field.


We take into account all individual requirements of our clients in all 3 steps of the process:

  • processing of project documentation
  • tank production
  • tank assembly

Our tanks and reservoirs are fabricated using carbon and stainless steels, manufactured in the workshop or assembled on site from prefabricated parts.

Transport and assembling of production lines and heavy machines

One of the newest and fastest growing department is unloading, handling and setting up heavy constructions, machines, equipment and production lines. Transports and assemblies of individual machines weighing about 90 tons require precise technological preparation and belongs to the most difficult assemblies in industry

Installation of technological equipment

Assembly of technological equipment is a production process covering almost all branches of industry. Several companies of the food, pharmaceutical, electrical, paper and textile industries are our regular clients.